Ray Bottino (Latin/Arg)

- 07/08/2020
20:00 - 23:00


Ensalada from Argentina: Rock, reggae, punk, ska, funk, cumbia, etc

Crafter in songwritting of simple songs with a traveller soul, Ray Bottino starts her journey in Ituzaingó, a small neighbourhood in Argentina, cooking a musical salad of different styles, rhythms, languages and melodies. A bit of reggae, ska, polka, rock, cumbia, funk. Multicultural music with punk rock roots, independent, free and with a DIY concience.

With influences that include The Beatles, Mano Negra, Karamelo Santo, No Doubt, The Clash, Pascuala Ilabaca, etc., Ray Bottino finds her place in the reggae and mestizo scene of Buenos Aires.
After the independent release of 6 single songs and two music videos, the debut album is finally released in March 8th 2019. Ensalada Style contains a mix between songs from former projects, personal and travelling experiences, songs against imperialism, tunes for dreamers with different influences but always with an uplifting rebel spirit. The album is mainly written, composed and produced by Ray, and it has collaborations of Juan Coronel (co-producer); Walter Chamorro, trombone of El Sonidero Insurgente; Don Rolo singer of La Pera de Milio; producer Santi Mundo and Matias Parisi of Sonic Feel Studios.
The second album is already in the pre-production stage and it is expected to be released at the top of 2020.
In 2018,Ray with her band hits the road with a tour around different Argentinian provinces, playing in local pubs and festivals like La Mambosonora Independent Festival in San Luis.
In 2019, the journey continues, in a Soundsystem version, on a tour to the Argentinian Atlantic Coast (February/March 2019) and later, in April and May, takes place the 2019 Europe Tour, with concerts in Greece, the UK, France, Spain and Turkey, as well as collaborations and radio appearances.
Back home, the shows (solo and with band) go on with a non-stop tour around the Buenos Aires Interior and the Capital. For the end of 2019 a national tour is expected, as well as brand new songs and another European tour for the summer of 2020.



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